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mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will always devote the time and energy necessary to help all  in our community.

It's a call we answer every day.


​Gianni Calisi


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Father Mooney Timeline

Our Council's Namesake

Mahopac Knights of Columbus

Father John P. Mooney Council # 5743

  1. Father John P. Mooney was born on November 1st, 1927.  .

  2. Attended Cathedral College while working in the summer as a laborer in construction. 

  3. Father Mooney was ordained on May 14th, 1952. On May 24th, he was assigned to the Parish of St. Aloysius in Livingstone Manor.  On September 20th, 1952, he was sent to St. Joseph's Parish in Croton Falls.

  4. On September 10th, 1955, he was transferred to Archbishop Stepinac High School where he served and taught class.

Honorary Outside Guard

​Franz Wolf

Outside Guard

​SK John Malandrino

Inside Guard

​Rich Franzetti


​Tom Castrovinci

5. In October of 1956, he joined the U,S, Air Force as a      Chaplain.

6. On December 5th, 1959, he was assigned again to    Archbishop Stepinac High School. 

7. On June 10th, 1961, he was assigned to the Parish of St. John the Evangelist on Lake Mahopac..

8. Father Mooney died on March 16th, 1964 

   Father John P. Mooney

    November 1st, 1927 - March 16th, 1964

Our Chaplain

 Fr. Patrick J. McCarthy


"I must give to others not only something that is my own, but my very self; I must be personally present in my gift" - Pope Benedict XVI.   We give of ourselves through volunteer service.


​Bruce Kelly

Activities / programs

Our charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national and international  projects including Special Olympics, Global Wheelchair Mission and Food for Families .

...he came back to labor once again in the area he loved so well, so that the people who had been the great joy of his early priesthood might become the consolation of his closing years. And those people prayed with him and suffered with him and came to admire him all the more these last seven months as he took on the fullness of the image of Christ who offered up His pains and ultimately His life for the salvation of His people.


..some might feel, as the Apostles did on the evening of Good Friday, that this life had held even greater promise for the days to come---but no one who opens the pages of the Gospel will ever again think that a life that ends in its middle thirties cannot be rich in accomplishments and in the blessings it brings to mankind....and no one who gazes at a crucifix can come away with the notion that a painful death was a waste of time

.     -- Bishop Austin B. Vaughan, D.D., S.T. D.

 classmate of Father Mooney, taken from  the eulogy he delivered on March 19th, 1964