In Memoriam

John Capardo


October 2017

Dear Brothers,

We sure have had a very busy and productive month and I apologize in advance if I leave

any information out or fail to thank anyone for their service.

Important Information:

St. John’s Feast was Sunday, September 10 and I want to thank the following Knights for volunteering

their time - Mike Drenkalo,

Anthony Dominick, Tom Murphy, Mike Griffin, Tom Castrovinci, Steve Jacklett and a special thanks to new member

Robert for picking up and dropping off the keg.
Our Officer’s Installation Dinner was September 12 and I want to thank those who were able

to attend in support of the Officers.

The food was fantastic and we had a great time. Thanks again to Worthy DD Bob Cuthbert for presiding and

Father Justice for his blessings.
We had free food and beer football at the Council on the 17th and I will continue to host when I am available.
Father Mooney’s 4th Annual Car Show – I don’t have the details but I do know that we had over 60 cars and trucks

and bikes (Some people brought actual bicycles) and I got to see one of the fastest

Harley’s on the road today! Mahopac Knights were a force during the event and

we appreciate your help. Bobby O and Tom G, amazing work as always. Thank you!

     Upcoming Events:

The Polish Dinner is set for Friday, November 17. Initial price recommendations are $15/ adults

and $5 for children under 12
We are working on a few ideas and would like your input. I’d like to combine Sunday football

with a chili challenge at the Council in October. Anyone can enter their best chili and we will vote.

We can declare a winner for #5743 and then possibly expand the event to include other councils at a later

date and raise $ for a Veteran’s Charity. Also, would you be interested in hosting a Pig Roast,

possibly at St John’s? I personally love that idea and will ask for recommendations at the Oct meeting.
Quad Raffle – Thank you Worthy Sir Knight Tom Pinto for facilitating this fundraising event.

We are raffling off a quad with a snow plow, 500 tickets will be sold, and we need everyone

to sell at least a few. We will also need volunteers to help sell tickets at various locations around Mahopac.

Tickets are $25 each/5 for $100. We could raise approximately $2,000 for our Council.

Grand Knight’s Message:

            Now that Fall is here, I hope that we have more members available to attend the meetings and support our

Council at all of our events. I will continue to facilitate at least monthly events and need you to give me suggestions

and recommendations. Some seasoned members have offered me advice and direction and your support is greatly

appreciated. I am just an individual thread, easily broken, same as each of you, but together we are an unbreakable

rope. (I hope you all remember that one from the degrees! Lol)


 Ted Czerniewski

GK,SK Fr. Mooney Council 5743     COUNCIL 5743



Mahopac Knights of Columbus

Father John P. Mooney Council # 5743


1st Year

John Callaghan


2nd Year

SK Steve Jacklett


3rd Year

SK Tom Pinto, PGK